Taro Taro

Dessert places like this are very popular in Asia. Taro Taro was one of the first Asian dessert places of this kind to open up in Perth.

The menu is a bit confusing but once you start ordering it makes sense…maybe. There are lots of different types of iced Asian drinks available including the usual bubble tea suspects – with lots of different toppings to choose from (popping balls, sago, lotus seed, aloe vera, red bean, green bean, etc). The staff here don’t speak great English so be patient when you are ordering haha.

What we ordered:

  • Cold signature herbal jelly with sago, taro balls, and taro
  • Warm tofu pudding
Signature herbal jelly
Signature herbal jelly

What we thought: The taro balls and sago are both really nice and chewy. The taro cubes (different from taro balls) wasn’t great as I could tell it was highly processed and taken straight out from the can. The herbal jelly and tofu pudding were both soft and not too sweet. Of course these desserts are 10 times better in Asia but I shouldn’t complain as this is a good addition to Perth’s lacking dessert scene.

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