Mary Street Bakery

Every time we drive down Beaufort street in Mt Lawley this little cafe is always bustling. You’ll see an array of vintage bikes parked outside. Quite an hipster place I must say, as most places in Mt Lawley are. 

Not being sure if we wanted to line up we took a sneak peak into the cafe. Easily tempted by the spread of fresh baked goods along the counter we decided to line up for a table. We had to wait 10 minutes for a table for two on the outside. Our coffees came out really quick but to be honest I didn’t like the taste and they were very small. The food took quite a while to come out but this was understandable given how busy the place is.

What we ordered:

  • Mushroom egg mojo crispy parmesan ($19)
  • Fried chicken roll with spiced mayo ($17)
  • Croissant

What we thought:

The taste of the dishes were good but nothing really stood out for me. Kudos for trying to make the menu different to other cafes in Perth. The serving size of the mushroom and egg dish was really small. I expected more for a $19 dish. It also needed something lighter to balance out the salty and punchy-ness of the crispy parmesan. The croissant was nice and fresh but we it was lacking the crispy, buttery, flaky factor. Plus for giving Parisian butter on the side though!

Fried chicken with spiced mayo roll
Fried chicken with spiced mayo roll

Rating: 7/10

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 7am – 4pm (breakfast menu 7am – 3pm only. Lunch menu from 11:30am)
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