Cafe Denada

My boyfriend and I always drive past this busy local cafe and have been wanting to tick it off our bucket list for quite some time. However, our lunch last Sunday was by far the WORST meal we’ve both had in a very, very long time. We were quite disappointed at the foul tasting sweet chilli tuna patty…It was just mush in a lump with some runny sauce they claimed to be “sweet chilli sauce” on the side. I’m actually really glad we decided to share just one meal that day. The coffee here looks good but we ordered an iced coffee since it was a super hot day.

I always see a lot of “older” people here. So many this place just isn’t to my taste? I’m sorry to be so blunt…I don’t usually give bad reviews but this place is terribad! They need to really up their game because they are in a prime location and could do so well…

Rating: 2/10
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