Papparich (Northbridge)

This was actually my second visit to Papparich but the first time I didn’t want to take any photos cause I was THAT hungry! The first time I went with 2 other friends and we lined up for just over an hour. It was around dinner time on a Sunday. Rookie mistake. This time I only went with Mr Ding Dong and we made sure we got there when it first opened in the morning (10:30 am Sunday) and we got a table right away.

You may be thinking right now “what? Curry for breakfast?” but this is actually super common in South East Asia. People in Singapore and Malaysia eat curry, roti, toast, soft-boiled eggs, and kaya on a daily basis. Paired with a hot cup of delicious teh tarik. Mmmm reminiscing….

What we ordered:

  1. Hainan toasted bread with butter & kaya
  2. Pappa garlic naan with curry sauce
  3. Roti telur bawang with curry chicken (Roti with fried egg on the inside. ‘Telur’ meaning fried egg)
  4. Coconut paradise drink 
Hainan toast with butter & kaya
Hainan toast with butter & kaya
Garlic naan with curry sauce
Garlic naan with curry sauce
Roti telur with curry chicken
Roti telur with curry chicken

Food: The toast wasn’t hot when we received it and the butter was rock hard. It was impossible to spread the butter on cold bread 🙁 wish they had given us a knife! That would have been useful.

The naan was quite nice with the curry sauce. I wouldn’t recommend eating it plain. The garlic naans served in Indian restaurants are way tastier.

The roti wasn’t crispy like how I like it but that’s because I ordered the one with fried egg stuffed on the inside. I think I will get it without the fried egg next time. It was quite dense. I liked the curry chicken though. Chicken was nice and moist.

The coconut paradise drink was the BOMB! But at $7 it is quite steep.

Service: Having an orderly line outside the restaurant and a dedicated staff member to meet and greet guests shows how organised this place is. You would rarely find this service at other asian restaurants. They usually make you write your name down and call it out when your table is ready.

I also like their ordering system. You fill out what you want (item number, quantity, remarks) on an ordering slip and press the bell when you are ready for them to take your order.

The bell can be used to call the attention of the wait staff at any time. Super handy feature as you’ll never be left unattended.

Price: Quite expensive compared to other restaurants serving similar dishes but approx. $20-30 per person is still reasonable for Perth.

Rating: 8/10

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