Huge thanks to one of my dear gfs Miss Z for finding this hidden gem! Us 4 girls were aiming to meet up somewhere around Victoria Park for brunch. Good ol’ trusty Urbanspoon pointed us in the right direction suggesting this little gem. Even though there was only less than 10 reviews the pictures of the fluffy roti prata made the decision process much easier.

From the outside the restaurant looks like a house so it threw me off a little. I thought to myself “Did I get the address wrong?” But in actual fact it IS a house! The owners converted an old house into a commercial restaurant and kitchen leasing it out to different pop-up food vendors. On weekends for brunch it is operated by The Sarapan. Which makes sense because ‘sarapan’ in Indonesian and Malay means ‘breakfast’ or ‘first meal of the day’.

We rocked up at 10am and there was still 2-3 tables empty but it quickly filled up shortly after. Be sure to rock up early to ensure you get a table. It is quite a small cafe with approx 20 seats.

The menu is not extensive but it doesn’t need to be! I was already stumped with what to pick. Everything sounded so tasty and was super reasonably priced. I decided to be reasonable and not to order more than I can handle. 2 of my gfs on the other hand went all out. Worked out for me anyways because it meant that I can just steal some of theirs hehe 🙂

Prices were extremely reasonable – food & drink! Where can you go and get a breakfast for less than $15 in Perth?

What we ordered:

  • Teh tarik ($4.50)
  • Malaysian style egg on toast ($5)
  • Roti canai ($5)
  • Pan perdu/french toast ($14)
  • Potato rosti & smoked salmon ($16)

Rating: 10/10!!! On food and value for money. I would like to bring my better half here 🙂

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