I wanted to like Sushia I really did!! I’ve been dying to trying it since the day it has opened up shop and I finally got the opportunity to try it out last week for my birthday. I am a huge sashimi fan but it has to be fresh sashimi (not the frozen takeaway shop kind). It is actually really hard to find truly fresh sashimi in Perth. I have traveled a bit and the best I’ve had so far was from MF Sushi in Houston (only the main chef is allowed to touch the raw fish. He imported the fish every week from Tokyo fish market and he had sooo many varieties!!). Well…I haven’t been to Japan yet and I’m sure it is probably 1/10000 of Japan quality.

Anyways back to reviewing Sushia…I actually heard that this place stole all the Nobu chefs and since I quite like Nobu I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Sashimi: Fresh and tasty! The sauces were light and flavours were delicious. You don’t eat this kind of sashimi with soy sauce. It is supposed to be enjoyed ‘as is’. We actually kept ordering more and more sashimi dishes one after another. The hamachi has a nice yuzu jelly on top which gave it a unique flavour. Both the beef and tuna tataki were really nice and cooked to perfection. So many times I’ve been served overcooked tataki in other restaurants.

Sushi: Not so good. I didn’t like the rolls that had raw vegies wrapped around it. I loveeee vegies but not raw and wrapped around sushi. It just gives it a funky taste.

Hot dishes: Kudo for coming up with unagi fried rice. I’ve never seen it on the menu anywhere else and I thought it was quite intriguing. But man..the other hot dishes are TERRIBLE! The flavours were so salty and too saucy for my liking. Not traditional Japanese flavours. I like authentic Japanese and this place just does not cut it for me.

Value: Prices are ‘ok’ for the style of dishes. This is what I would expect to pay normally in similar restaurants. I just wish the hot dishes tasted what it was priced.

Service: The waitress’ English was very shaky. I remember asking her a pretty simple question about an item on the menu and she couldn’t understand me. There was only 2 waitresses in our area and the restaurant was quite full that night.

Rating: 7/10 – I would only come back again and order raw dishes

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