Architects and Heroes

A colleague from Norway has been seconded to Perth for 1 month. She jumped on the Instagram #Breakfastinperth band wagon pretty quickly! We got chatting at work about all the beautiful brunch places Perth has to offer and my eagerness to show her around Perth escalated quickly!

Architects and Heroes has been on my “to devour list” for quite some time. So I took on this opportunity to show her around Subiaco and to tick A+H off my list. I first heard about it on Facebook from Lyly Phan who is the co-owner with Ron Ngo. Ron started making coffees at the age of 14 and worked in Melbourne as a speciality roaster at Five Senses. He then returned to Perth to become the head trainer at the Australian Barista Academy, winning a stack of awards along the way. Rob and Lyly opened up their first cafe together Maven Espresso in the middle of the CBD. Following the success of their first cafe together their ventured to the busy streets of Rokeby Road in Subi to open up a very hipster and vibrant specialty coffee bar – Architects and Heroes. Side note – Lyly and Ron welcomed their first born this year! CONGRATS GUYS! 🙂

I really liked the deco of this niche cafe. The back wall is covered in comics and coffee making apparatus giving it a very geeky but also hipster feel. A friendly staff greeted us right away to notify us that there will be a 5-10 mins wait for a table. 

Everyone deserves a break once in a while!

What we ordered:

  • Flat white
  • Cappuccino
  • Crumpets with macerated strawberries, butterscotch sauce & popping candy
  • Beetroot cured salmon with scrambled eggs & toast


Flat white & Capp
Flat white & Capp
Beetroot cured salmon
Beetroot cured salmon

What we thought?
> Coffee: I’ve been to A+H for coffee and cake before and I absolutely love their velvety coffee. How good is the latte art!

> Cakes: Last time we came we shared 2 desserts from their baked goods section and it was overly sweet and rich so we didn’t end up finishing them.

> Crumpets: Super soft crumpets – my friend said she was eating clouds. She devoured them in minutes! It was a good balance of sweetness.

> Salmon: I thought this dish was way too small and it didn’t look as pleasing to the eye as the crumpets. 2 slices of salmon on a bit of avocado with scrambled eggs and 1 slice of toast just won’t cut it for breakfast for some. I don’t eat large portions for breakfast so luckily it was just right for me.

Would I return?

Yeah! I would come back for a casual coffee and snack because I like the atmosphere and the layout of the cafe. But I wouldn’t suggest people to come here for a meal. You won’t leave feeling satisfied if you expect to be full.
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