Szechwan Zen Chinese Restaurant

This place is not for the fainted heart. If you do not LOVE chilli then Szechwan Zen is not the place for you. Sichuan (aka Szechuan or Szechwan) is a province in southwest China. Sichuan cuisine is always spicy resulting the generous addition of garlic, red chilli, Sichuan peppers, and chilli oil in all dishes. There is no such thing as “mild” Sichuan dishes.

You’ll know you’ve has Sichuan food if it left a numbing and tingling feeling inside your mouth. This sensation is highly sought after by lovers of Sichuan food.

What we ordered:

  • Special spicy chicken salad ($12.80)
  • Boiled pork slices with garlic paste ($14.80)
  • Stir fried mushrooms ($15.80)
  • Deep fried green beans with chilli & pork mince ($14.80)
  • Fried & steamed pork with salted cabbage ($22.80)
  • Steamed whole fish (market price)

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