My dad has recently discovered an addiction to Italian food. He lunches with a bunch of Italian men in Fremantle every Thursday (men who lunch?). I asked him what they talk about because he is such an oddball in that group and he said they mainly talk about the differences between Italian and Chinese culture and the type of foods they eat. This group gave my dad a list of Italian restaurants that he ‘must try’ around Perth.

My step mum has gone back to China for a month which means I have to take care of my dearest father while she is gone. I need to make sure he is well fed for every meal of the day! Dad and I took advantage of the weather last Saturday and headed out to Claremont to tick off one of the Italian restaurants, Nolita, off the list he was given by his friends.

Nolita was named after “little Italy” in NYC.

Nolita, an area meaning "little Italy" in NYC
Nolita, an area meaning “little Italy” in NYC


The deco of Nolita is very modern to fit in with the fanciness and high-end vibe of Claremont. The restaurant itself is quite big – long and narrow with a bar in the middle. There were lots of tables for 2-4 diners. I can imagine the back of the restaurant been turned into a room for a standing function when the sun goes down. The furnishing of Nolita is very simple but classy enough for the area – wooden table tops, black chairs, and you’ll find a menu as your place mat.

Tables and placemats are very simple but modern
The bar
The Bar
The Restaurant
The Restaurant


The crispy skinned barramundi served with zucchini, tomato, onion, eggplant, capsicum, and basil pesto was cooked to perfection. The skin wasn’t overly done to the point it was burnt and it wasn’t under cooked and soggy. The serving size was just right for me for lunch. The choice of vegetables served underneath the fish fillet was the right balance of flavours and textures.

Pesce - Cripsy skinned barramundi ($34.50)
Pesce – Cripsy skinned barramundi ($34.50)

Dad’s squid ink mixed seafood linguine came out as a much smaller serving that you’ll find at the traditional Italian restaurants in say…Fremantle. Although the serving was just enough for lunch we felt the price was a steep for what you get. The texture of the pasta was nice but the sauce was still lacking in flavour. Dad ended up piling on the chilli in oil and the parmesan cheese to give it more oomph!

Squid ink seafood linguine ($29.50)
Squid ink seafood linguine ($29.50)


The staff were all friendly but not super attentive. We had to wave them down a couple of times.

Overall rating: 6.5/10

Not somewhere I would visit anytime soon. I wouldn’t say no if a friend suggested to eat here but it is not somewhere I would recommend to a friend. The prices were also steep but that is what you would except from a restaurant smack bang in the middle of Bay View Tce – the busiest street in Claremont.

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