Raspberry & Lemon Curd Tart

On my recent trip to Melbourne I fell in love with 2 bakeries – LuxBite and T by LuxBite – both serves mouth-watering, eye-appealing and exquisite macaroons, tarts, and desserts. Opened by up chef Bernard Chu whom is the first Malaysian to appear on MasterChef.

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Since coming back to Perth I have craved a good tart but there aren’t any good bakeries in Perth. I guess I will have to start baking my own which won’t even be 1/100000000th as good as Bernard’s beautiful creations. Oh wells…it’ll be a good opportunity to experiment different recipes YIIPEE! Time to fatten up family and friends *evil laugh* :p

You can sub out the raspberries used in this recipe for any other berries – strawberries or blueberries. Just use what is in season! This tart is easy to make especially if you buy a good quality lemon curd from the Farmers Market. Otherwise you can make you own – recipe here.

Raspberry and Lemon Curd Tart
Serves 10
These little tarts make a great accompaniment to afternoon or morning tea or on picnic. They are really simple to make and especially if you buy a really good quality Lemon curd instead of making your own.
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Prep Time
2 hr
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
2 hr 30 min
Prep Time
2 hr
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
2 hr 30 min
Sweet pastry
  1. 500g plain flour
  2. 250g unsalted butter
  3. 125g caster sugar
  4. 1 large egg
Lemon Curd
  1. Pre-made lemon curd (either store bought or see my recipe)
To finish off
  1. 200g raspberries
  2. Icing sugar
Sweet Pastry Method 1 (Creaming)
  1. Place the butter and sugar in mixing bowl and beat them together until they are light and fluffy.
  2. On a low speed slowly add the egg to the butter mixture and mix it until combined.
  3. Add the flour slowly at a low speed until combined then mix it briefly at a higher speed so that it forms a dough.
  4. Place the pastry in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes to rest.
Sweet Pastry Method 2 (Rub in)
  1. Place the flour in a bowl or on a clean work top and rub in the butter until you have a bread crumb consistency.
  2. Make a well in the centre of the flour.
  3. Mix the egg and sugar together in a bowl until well combined.
  4. Pour the mixture into the well in the flour.
  5. Mix the egg mixture into the flour to form a dough.
  6. Place the pastry in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes to rest.
Baking the tarts cases
  1. Remove the pastry from the fridge 10 minutes before you need it.
  2. Roll it out on a well floured surface until it is around 0.5-0.75mm thick.
  3. Lightly grease mini tart tins (any leftover pastry can be frozen for future use).
  4. Line the tart tins with the pastry.
  5. Place the lined tins in the freezer for 15 minutes or in the fridge for 30 minutes to rest.
  6. Preheat the oven to 200C (or 180C fan-forced).
  7. Blind bake the pastry for 8-10 minutes until they are firm and with a little colour.
  8. Remove the pastry from the oven an allow it to cool.
  9. After shells are completely cool, fill shells with lemon curd so that they are 1/2 to 2/3 full.
Assembling the tarts to serve
  1. Place the raspberries on the Lemon curd in a circular fashion until the tarts are filled.
  2. Dust the tartlets with icing sugar when ready to serve.
  1. Freeze any leftover pastry for future use
  2. Pastry can be made in advance and kept frozen
  3. Raspberries can be swapped out with strawberries or blueberries or even mixed berries. Just use what is in season
Adapted from Foodie Site
Adapted from Foodie Site
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