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I gathered a couple of friends to go and check out this new cafe (opened by the owners of Bib & Tucker) with me for a late lunch. Except, one of them was really late and rocked up to my house at 3.30pm. We sped down Canning Hwy to make it in time before the cafe shut its doors at 4pm. We made it! However, the kitchen was closed so they only allowed us to order coffee, cake, or Coco Whip.

I’ve seen a lot of posts about the Coco Whip on instagram lately so I decided to give it a shot. Coco Whip is the world’s first Vegan & Bio-Fermented Coconut Soft Serve. It is a soft-serve treat made of only coconut water, organic coconut powder and vegetable sourced stabilisers. What does this mean? It means that Coco Whip is a vegan, gluten and dairy-free!

What we thought?

It was nice to try something new but I don’t this Coco Whip is worth the price tag. The taste is quite bland actually. Not what I was expecting at all! I’m assuming because there is no added sugar or sweetenered – just all natural sweetness from the coconut water. At $7 per serve I would have expected the waiter to ask me if I wanted any topping…but nooo I had to bring back my half eaten soft serve and ask for some nuts & grains to be sprinkled on top. He didn’t even tell me there was a berry flavour. I saw someone else purchase a pretty looking pink soft serve (with topping!!!!!!!!). Pretty sure the guy just wanted to pack up and go home and wasn’t being very informative.

Naked Coco Whip

The layout of the cafe is simple but sweet. I might consider coming back for food but the reviews on Urbanspoon aren’t great…not sure if it’ll be worth it??? I guess they are trying to jump on the healthy eating band wagon but please stick to what you know!

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