Bambamboo (140 Perth)

When I first heard about this place on Facebook I was super excited and was a massive keen bean to try it! The photo that I saw reminded me so much of the juicy and delicious dumplings served at Din Tai Fung restaurant available all over Asia. Someone please open one in Perth!! There are a couple of restaurants in Sydney but we always miss out on the good stuff over here on the West Coast.

I tagged Mr JY on Facebook to instigate a dining out invite. We jumped on the opportunity to reap the benefits of dining during their opening promotion @ 50% off all food.

We went straight after work on a Tuesday evening and the restaurant was already full. You could still get a seat here and there but not a whole table to yourself. The seating area is very casual – kind of like a dining hall or a food court.

Once you place your order at the iPad ordering terminal you state your number/name at the counter to pay. The staff at the counter said we couldn’t pay for another 30 minutes because the kitchen was swamped with orders. Seriously? Blocked from paying? This is new to me! But I expect it’s because everyone ordered more than they could stomach to take advantage of the 50% off deal. I know we did :p

What we ordered: 

All of the below was only $16 per person (between 3 people) is incredibly cheap!

Stack of food - Pickled fungus is the one on top
Stack of food – Pickled fungus is the one on top
Table spread - $48 worth of food ($96 at full price)
Table spread – $48 worth of food ($96 at full price)
Shui Jiao
Shui Jiao (dumplings)
Za Jiang noodles
Za Jiang noodles

Verdict: 3/10

Terrible!! I never say that about food. I would normally say food is “just average” but this was extremely bad. The dumplings (shui jiao, sui mai, xiao long bao), noodles, rice,  and meat were all dry, cold, and flavourless. The Za Jiang noodles was probably the best dish and even that we didn’t finish. The dumplings I dream of need to be juicy and hot! When you bite into it the soup is supposed to ooze out!

I’m hoping the bad food was because it was super busy…I hope this place improved a lot because Perth is dying for a good dumpling house!

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