Ciao Italia

What better way to spend Valentines Day than with friends! It has been an ongoing tradition for the last 3 years to gather up my dearest friends and their respective partners to celebrate Vday together. We do this because the holiday is very commercialised and also cause they are the people who mean the world to me! They are my lovers 🙂

This year, the Perth International Arts Festival was on during the Vday weekend so we all went to check out The Journey of the Incredible Giants together. This French puppet show ran over 3 days so we decided to tie it in together with Vday and grab a feed together after the show. The city was soooo packed with locals and people who have travelled from afar to see this once in a life time show. Initially, we were going to eat in the city but we were so put off by the crowd we decided to venture to South Perth and join the queue at the very popular Italian restaurant Ciao Italia.

This family runned homely feel restaurant has been packed out everyday since it opened its doors in 1999. The food here is amazingly fresh, full of flavour, and the portions are MASSIVE. I wouldn’t say its the most healthy meal…but it surely satisfies my cravings when I want a hearty meal. Prices here are extremely reasonable for the amount of food you get!

Be warned – expect to line up at least 30-60 minutes!! Ok, so lining up for food (or anything) is not at the top of my list but OMG it is well worth it!! The longest I’ve ever had to line up was for 1.5 hours but thats because we came with 10 people – rookie mistake. A group of 2-6 is perfect for getting a table in under 1 hour (I know it still sounds like ages). There are plenty of benches and chairs outside the restaurant for you to wait on. The ideal time to come is when it opens doors at 5pm or towards the end of the night (but who wants to eat so late?).

What we ordered:

Ravioli Bolognese
Ravioli Bolognese
Ciao Italia Fettucine (FAV)
Ciao Italia Fettucine (Fav pasta)
Chilli prawn pizza
Chilli prawn pizza (Fav pizza)
Chicken Parma
Chicken Parma
Infamous tiramisu (Fav dessert)
Infamous tiramisu (Fav dessert)


Rating: 10/10

The Ciao Italia fettucine and tiramisu are MUST HAVES! You haven’t tried Ciao Italia if you haven’t tried these 2. Oh, give the parmi a miss…it was super average but maybe because we ate all the better dishes first.

I’ve never had a bad experience here and I’ve been here at least 8-10 times in my lifetime (and I’m only 26. Yes, I like to eat…a lot). Where else can you go and pay $20pp and be this satisfied! Expect to bring a takeaway box home with you! I suggest coming here in a group so you can try lots of different dishes and you can order a good balance of creamy and tomato based dishes.

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Trading Hours:
Tues – Sat: 5pm to 10pm
Sun – Mon: Closed