Banh mi from City Provisions

Man! If only I worked in the CBD I would eat a banh mi from City Provisions everyday! It is by far the best I’ve had in Perth. Actually, City Provs banh mi broke up banh mi virginity 3 years ago. Mr DL swears by it too. At $7 a roll you could even order 2 if you are a big eater and still feel its worth it! Or why not get double filling?

There are 4-5 fillings you can choose from – ham, crispy roast pork, BBQ pork, roast chicken, and some others that I don’t remember now. But I always go for the roast chicken and on fat days I will opt for roast pork.

They make it fresh for you on the spot at their “banh mi stand” that operates on the side of their supermarket. Unfortunately, their banh mi stand is only open for lunch during the weekdays 🙁 Which totally sucks for people like me that don’t work in the CBD! FYI – I took today off today :p No….I didn’t take it off just to eat banh mi although that was on the very top of my to do list haha! Fatty for life.

Roast chicken banh mi
Roast chicken banh mi
Perfect balance of sweet and sourness from the pickled vegies
Generous with the filling!

I’m still yet to trek up North of the river to try the truly Vietnamese back-to-basis banh mi stores! Any recommendations guys?

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