Arirang Belmont Forum Food Court

Hooray! Finally food that I can really enjoy on my lunch breaks! Belmont Forum is my go to during work lunch breaks. I’ve walked by Arirang a few times since its opened up but I wasn’t too sure if it was good. Plus, bimbimbap hot stone is not something you crave during the Perth heat wave.

I couldn’t hold back anymore! Today I broke the ice with Arirang and man was it delicious. My favourite Korean dish is the bimbimbap so naturally that is what I ordered. You can pick from different toppings – beef, chicken, seafood, pork, and vegetarian – the chilli pork sounded the nicest.

Chilli pork bimbimbap
Chilli pork bimbimbap

It was just as good as they serve it in restaurants. The stone was hot (could still go for a bit hotter), the rice was perfectly soft with crispy bits, and the chilli pork was fresh and tasty. I foresee this as a dangerous lunchtime addiction.

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