The Modern Eatery

From the name you wouldn’t gather The Modern Eatery to be a Japanese restaurant specialising in aburi sushi. I first heard about it when Mr DL said his friend Jason (and some of Jason’s friends) were opening up a Japanese restaurant in Fremantle showcasing the styles of a few Japanese imported chefs.

As a massive lover of sashimi and Japanese food I didn’t dare miss out on today’s soft opening (50% off special woohoo)!! Jason was very accommodating with my reservation – I had to head to the airport at 7pm so he fit me in at 5pm. I’m glad we came in early for dinner because we were the only table there at 5pm and received undivided attention from all the staff. It was also nice to see some familiar faces working there.

The restaurant

The restaurant has a simple, casual and modern fit out with an open kitchen and seats along the window and sushi bar. This small restaurant is small and cosy but it will cater for large groups or even single diners. Take a seat at the window if you prefer to people watch! ie. creep… :p

Open kitchen
Open kitchen
Half of the restaurant
Half of the restaurant
Window seating
Window seating
Oh hello Freo!
Oh hello Freo!

What we ordered

I literally wanted to order everything on the menu. If Mr DL hadn’t stopped me I would I have over ordered…hahah very typical of me! Glad to have him there to constantly remind me that my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

Sashimi moriawase
Sashimi moriawase (large assorted sashimi)
Assorted nigiri sushi
Assorted nigiri sushi (raw)
Assorted nigiri sushi (aburi)
Assorted nigiri sushi (aburi)
"Fry me to the moon" craft roll (salmon & cream cheese filling)
“Fry me to the moon” craft roll (salmon & cream cheese filling)
"Musashi" craft roll (scallop, hamachi & avocado sauce)
“Musashi” craft roll (scallop, hamachi & avocado sauce)
Unagi (eel) nigiri sushi
Unagi (eel) nigiri sushi
Salmon oshi sushi (pressed rice sushi)
Salmon oshi sushi (pressed rice sushi)

Verdict: 9/10

For lovers of sashimi this place is a must visit! There is nothing like it in Perth. I like how the sashimi is cut and served fresh to order. All of its natural sweet taste is maintained and not masked by over powering citrus sauces and dressing like they serve it in high end Japanese restaurants such as Nobu and Shiro Izakaya. The salmon is sourced from New Zealand rather than Tasmania so its fattier and more smooth in texture. I didn’t think there would be a big difference but there was! I loved everything we ordered! My least favourite dish was the fried sushi. I like my sushi natural tasting and soft.

Needless to say the service was exceptional! We actually didn’t read the menu properly (too excited and hungry) and in our mind we were ordering aburi nigiri. But we actually ordered regular nigiri. The chefs were more than happy to take the plate back and aburi (slightly grill) the nigiri.

Thank you Jason and team for opening a restaurant that was much needed in the Perth restaurant scene! Good luck and wishing you all the best on your new business venture 🙂

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Opening hours:

Lunch: Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 2:30pm
Dinner: Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday: 5pm-8:30pm
Dinner: Friday & Saturday: 5pm-9:30pm

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