CNR Kitchen

CNR is a hidden gem tucked away in the corner of Northbridge Piazza. I’ve never been there for food so this is my first time!

From the name I would have never gathered that it’s a healthy, paleo, raw, gluten free friendly restaurant. Despite my love for baking I’m actually a massive fan of raw food! Especially the raw desserts! If it wasn’t so expensive I would eat it all the time.


We started off with some cool refreshing drinks. The moment I saw fresh coconut juice on the menu my heart was set! I’ve never had such a fresh one in Perth. OMG it was amazing! So many times have I been sucked in to buying the frozen and defrosted “fresh” coconuts from the supermarket…disappointed myself over and over again. I just never learn.

My bestie had the raw cacao smoothie which looked and tasted just like a choc thick shake. Yummo!

Raw cacao smoothie
Raw cacao smoothie

For mains I ordered the Paleo Pad Thai – the faux noodle strands were made from zucchini. It lacked flavour but I was happily enjoying it knowing I wasn’t consuming much carbs. But still…would have liked a serving of flavour thanks :p

Paleo Pad Thai
Paleo pad thai

My bestie ordered the vegetarian lasagne made from eggplant. She hit the jackpot (boo for me). It was so full of flavour you didn’t need any meat in it at all! I had major plate envy.

Vegetarian lasagne
Eggplant lasagne


I definitely would return again. The menu is quite extensive and there is something for everyone! But I’m going to come back and order the lasagne hehe!

RATING: 8/10 (only cause my Pad Thai was so ave)

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