Dinner @ Asado

To celebrate little Dave’s birthday (why do we have so many friends in our group called Dave?!) we all went out to Asado for dinner. Since it was such a large group we decided it was best to share dishes between a smaller group of 4-5 people.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of many of the dishes! My friends were all starving and I wouldn’t dare be blamed for holding them back from eating.


Hand cut chips ($11) – This was soooooo delicious we ended up ordering another! I love it when they leave the skin on the chips. I’m not a huge fan of thick cut chips (too much potato, too little crunch) so this was perfectly sized for me.

Jerk chicken wings ($18) – Good to try once but nothing about it stood out for me. Quite expensive for the small serving size (5-6 wings).

Adaso beef short ribs ($24) – Yum but not the best I’ve had. It was nothing to rave about.

Crispy pork belly, persimmon puree & apple radish pickle ($28)
Crispy pork belly, persimmon puree & apple raddish pickle ($28)

The pork belly was crispy and moist alright! But for $28 I would have expected to see a lot more.

Burnt banana, butter biscuit, dulce de leche mascarpone ($14.50)
Burnt banana, butter biscuit, dulce de leche
mascarpone ($14.50)

Yummy dessert! I’ve never had burnt banana before so this was a first. It wasn’t an overly rich dessert which is what I needed after such a meat-filled meal.


Rating: 6.5/10

Overall the food was “nice” but for the price we paid I would have expected a dish to truly wow me! Then again, just trying to think back, large group meals have never been a great experience for me just because the restaurant will try and time the food so everyone gets their meals at the same time.

The servings were quite small and everyone only got a small piece of every to try so maybe order dishes to share between 3 people?

I had food envy when my friends ordered the skirt steak and we didn’t. It looked sooo fat, juicy and cooked to perfection. Compared to them we were eating kids sized portions 🙁 If I do return it will be to try that!

I’m still keen to try their breakfast!

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