Lot Twenty

A little fatty and I really wanted to go out and grab a Sugar & Nice cronut after seeing so many posts about it on Instagram. We heard that they sell out pretty quick so by the time I finished work we didn’t want to take the risk of driving all the way there and being disappointed if it was sold out. So fatty suggested to head to Lot Twenty for a feed!


Smoked beef brisket $27
Smoked beef brisket, cornbread & house made BBQ sauce $27

So…this was erm…extremely dry!! I couldn’t stomach much of this so I let fatty finish it all. The cornbread on the other hand was deliciously soft and sweet. It made up for the highly disappointing meat. I don’t think I would ever order this again even if they were just having a bad day.

Baked ricotta gnocchi with truffle & fresh basil $24
Baked ricotta gnocchi $24

OH EM GEE!!! Eating this was like eating warm fluffy clouds. I could feel the warmth slowly creeping down inside me and making my tummy smile. Such a happy belly moment.

Ferrero Roche pave $15
Ferrero Roche pave with cherry gel & marshmallow crisp & $15

Seeing as the whole point of catching up today was to grab a cronut we couldn’t go past ordering dessert! Everything about it was perfect except for the chocolate soil (is it supposed to be so salty?!?!).


Would definitely go back again to try a few more things! The baked ricotta gnocchi was the highlight of my meal. I really wanted to try the kiwi & lime cheesecake with malt crumbs and coconut sorbet but fatty doesn’t like fruity things (wth?).

Everyone else I have consulted about the beef brisket said theirs was fine when they dined at Lot Twenty so I’m going to form the conclusion that we went on a bad day. But it has put me off from ordering that dish again.

Pretty sure I went into a food coma after this late lunch!!

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