Max Brenner

You know that excited feeling you get when you finally get to tick a restaurant off your list, but then to have your hopes and dreams crushed the moment you take your first bite? Well…that happened with me at Max Brenner.

Disclaimer: I’m not a huge fan of San Churro (and other alike chocolate cafes) because everything on the menu is an overkill! I like my light and fruity desserts. I do love chocolate! Just in small amounts.


The lovely Miss Ho and I didn’t know what to order since everything on the menu sounded super rich. We decided on one *starred* option (the meringue) and one safe option (the soufflé because we generally like soufflés).

Praline Meringue Puff $14)
Praline Meringue Puff $14)

We thought – with a name like *Praline Meringue Puff Extravaganza* how could you possibly go wrong?! It was wrong in so many ways. The only part I liked was the fruit.

Chocolate Soufflé ($10.50)
Chocolate Souffle ($10.50)

The centre of the soufflé wasn’t as runny and gooey as I had hoped. The cake was more dense than the soufflés that I’m used to. I think this should be served with a scoop of ice cream (or even some whipped cream?) to break up the richness.


We could barely get through half of these desserts. We probably should order less next time but after driving 40 minutes, it would have been a waste not to try more than one thing on the menu. I’m going to stick to San Churro if I ever need a chocolate fix…

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