Alfred’s Kitchen

If you haven’t been to Alfred’s Kitchen you need to go NOW! Not even joking. This super casual lunch bar/takeaway joint is open from 5PM to late everyday of the week and is a way better alternative to midnight maccas runs. If it wasn’t 20-30 minutes drive away I would be here all the time.

There is no dine-in option here. It is your typical old school burger joint located next to a train station. Grab your burger from the takeaway window and let the burger warm your insides while the bonfire warms your outsides.


Left: Alfred's special. Right: Chips & gravy
Left: Alfred’s special. Right: Chips & gravy
Close up of the Alfred's special
Close up of the Alfred’s special
Close up of the chips & gravy
Close up of the chips & gravy


This is cheap comfort food at its very best! Alfred’s is a Perth landmark for a very good reason. I think you need to go and get a feed right NOW! Make sure you dress for the occasion – trackies, hoodie, and slip ons is the way to go. Or PJs. No one will judge here.

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