Is Donburi

I’ve actually been back here a couple of times in the last month so this post is going to be a collection of both visits!

Sorry about the quality of photos! I sometimes eat with people that dig into their food straight away so I miss the window of opportunity to take photos. :p


Aburi scallops nigiri sushi
Aburi scallops nigiri sushi

One of the best in Perth. Is Donburi is super generous with their topping and the aburi sushi are always seared to perfection. That sauce…omg…

Chirashi don & dancing crab roll
Chirashi don

I’m a major sucker for raw food so I tend to always order sashimi, chirashi, or the sashimi salad. Love them all! The sashimi are fresh and the serving sizes are decent.

The sushi rolls are not that good – too much rice and too little filling. Don’t be fooled by how appealing to the eye it is!

Abrui scallops & salmon (half eaten)
Abrui scallops & salmon (half eaten)
Udon, tempura, sashimi salad, and katsu don
Udon, tempura, sashimi salad, and katsu don

I’ve never personally had the udon or donburi dishes here so I can’t comment. But my friends all love it.


If you are after a quick Japanese meal that is on the cheaper side then give Is Donburi a shot. Be prepared to eat a lot!

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