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Working near the Perth Airport doesn’t leave me with many options for lunch. When I discovered Food on Q, I was over the moon as it is only a short drive from my office. I’ve ducked in a couple of times for a quick takeaway coffee but never had the opportunity to try the food.

Today, I managed to convince JT to ditch his usual subway lunch and to come to Food on Q with me.




Unfortunately, there weren’t many vegetarian options for JT (I felt kind of bad for dragging him here with me) so he ordered a vegetarian nasi goreng. He said it wasn’t very flavoursome and it was lacking the charred taste. Just tasted like an ordinary fried rice. His fault for picking an Asian dish at a non-Asian café! Haha!

Nasi Goreng ($12.50)
Nasi Goreng ($12.50)

Knowing that I was heading out for dinner that night, I opt for a “healthier” option and ordered the only salad on the menu. To be honest, I had high hopes for a $14.50 salad. But it ended up being similar to a simple garden salad with small bits of chicken and chorizo. I didn’t feel satisfied for what I had paid. It would have been tastier if there was a fillet of seasoned chicken on top of the salad and also more avocado.

Grilled chicken, chorizo, and avocado salad ($14.50)
Grilled chicken, chorizo, and avocado salad ($14.50)

Overall, I was pretty disappointed in my first dine in experience. The salmon fillet on their previous menu caught my attention! So I might give it another try when they change their menu again.

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