Marie Antoinette

I don’t venture out to Cottesloe much because I’ve never had a good reason to (and its winter)! After seeing photos posted by Violet Pash on Instagram of Marie Antoinette’s beautifully constructed rose bud ice cream, I HAD to get my hands on one asap! You can probably guess, I’m a huge sucker for pretty food.

Before we even got to Marie Antoinette I already knew I wanted “the works” – the largest edible flower we could possibly order.

Prices were quite reasonable for the amount of flavours you can have – $5 for 2 flavours, $6 for 3 flavours, and $7 for 4 flavours. We went for the 4 flavours option. There was about 10 or so flavours to choose from. I couldn’t get a proper photo of all the flavours because there was lots of people lining up to order before they shut shop!


We decided to share a cone between 2 so we wouldn’t ruin our appetite for dinner (Samson’s Paddock). I chose the Nutella and coconut and Willie chose the French vanilla and raspberry yogurt.

Rose bud ice cream

In hindsight, we should have ordered brighter flavours to make the rose look really bright and pretty. Next time!


All of the flavours were creamy, smooth and not too dense – just how I like my ice cream.

1) Nutella – Mild but a good amount of Nutella flavour
2) Coconut – I couldn’t tell the difference between the coconut and the French vanilla…so yeah this wasn’t the best tasting coconut (not even close to the best) that I’ve had
3) French vanilla – creamy and not too sweet!
4) Raspberry yogurt – perfect amount of tang/tart

Can’t wait to go back and try their French pastries and more ice cream flavours.

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