George Street Cafe

I wouldn’t have found this little hidden gem if it wasn’t for Miss Lordcaquah. I didn’t know what to expect from George Street Cafe when we were organising our quick coffee-before-work date. I was pleasantly surprised and blown away!

Breakfast of champions
Breakfast of champions

Since we only had 20 minutes to eat and drink we both just grabbed a coffee and pastry each. My love for almond croissants and crumbled desserts are on par. Making it a really tough choice for me when both options are on the menu. Luckily, Miss Lordcaquah ordered one of the two that I was eyeing – the almond croissant. In hopes of stealing a bit of her croissant, I ordered the blueberry crumble muffin. They were both freshly baked, crispy in the right places, slightly warm, buttery, and not overly sweet. Delicious and satisfying! I’ll be back to try more baked goods!

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