Miss Stephanique and I met up at Merrywell for a quick bite before watching Wicked. It is a tradition for us to dine at Merrywell before watching a show or concert at Crown. The main reason is because we like to get in early to find parking and also because Merrywell is probably Crown’s cheapest option for a feed.


I really wanted to try a burger or a steak sandwich but without the boys around we’d be kidding ourselves if we attempted either of those. We decided to order 4 shares plates between the 2 of us – Mac & cheese bites ($18), Duck sloppy joes ($21), Wicked lamb meatballs ($21), and a side of corn on the cob.




As usual, the food came out really quickly. Crown restaurants are well staffed so attentive service has never been a problem. The food on the other hand is always a hit and miss.

Mac & cheese bites – Pretty disappointing! The whole thing was cold, hard, and “cardboard like”. I expected it to be pockets of stringy cheesy goodness.

BBQ Duck sloppy joes – The light and fluffy buns was the best part of this dish. It balanced the rich and saucey BBQ duck and the sriracha slaw well. Having more than one bun would have been an overkill in salt for me so I stopped myself at one.

Wicked lamb meatballs – NEVER AGAIN! Both the meatballs and naan bread were dry and cold. The best part of the dish was the uncooked and raw bit, the tomato cucumber salad.

Corn on the cob – If you like cheese you’ll like this. The ratio was like 50/50 cheese/corn. I’m glad we shared this cheesy stick although it was a difficult dish to share.


My favourite dish this time around was the BBQ duck sloppy joes. Everything else was a no go. Don’t let my negativity put you off though. Merrywell does offer some great dishes but I must say, I liked Merrywell a lot more when I first tried it. The Wagyu mini beef burgers and the BBQ pulled pork quesadillas still remain my favourites from Merrywell (or at least I think they are still good?).

On another note, I WAS BLOWN AWAY BY WICKED!!!! And this is coming from someone that usually doesn’t enjoy musicals.

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