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Serving tasty and cheap Japanese takeaway style meals, Taka remains a favourite amongst many foodies in Perth. Taka operates at 3 locations (Fremantle, Shafto Lane Perth, Barrack Street Perth) and have been around for as long as I can remember. The quality has been pretty constant amongst the 3 locations although I do tend to sway towards the Shafto Lane outlet.


I like to try new dishes when I revisit restaurants but having dined at Taka countless times I ordered what I love – the teriyaki chicken udon.

Teriyaki chicken udon ($7.80)
Teriyaki chicken udon ($7.80)

Mr DL ordered what he loves – the chicken karaage. He only ordered a small today so he can fit in a side of agedashi tofu to compliment his meal. I stole a piece :p

Chicken karaage - Small ($5.80)
Chicken karaage – Small ($5.80)
Agedashi tofu - Small ($5.30)
Agedashi tofu – Small ($5.30)


Taka has its down packed in terms of efficiency. They churn out orders pretty quickly. Think of Taka as a dining hall – you order at the counter, grab a beeper, and then pick up your meal from the counter when its ready. There is giant urn of hot tea that is free for all.

I’ve always enjoyed every Taka feed! It consistently serves cheap, tasty, simple Japanese meals for less than $10. It’s good to see that they’ve only increased their prices gradually and marginally over the years. The first bowl of teriyaki chicken udon I purchased from them years back was $6.50 (now $7.80). The portion sizes are just right for me so it may be a bit small for some people? But for the low price you could order 2 meals!

One thing I haven’t tried here is the sushi. It looks small and the filling looks really stingy. I like inside out (filling flowing left, right, and centre) styled sushi.

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