Oakover Grounds

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than to pig out in a hidden gem in the heart of Swan Valley. I was really upset that I didn’t bring my camera with me!

The restaurant is situated inside a massive shed with decked out with rustic furnishing. Quite unfortunate that we picked such a rainy day to visit Oakover. Otherwise we could have sat outside and basked in the beauty of nature this winery has to offer. It was pouring so hard we could barely have a conversation.


I had a light breakfast already so I wasn’t feeling very hungry. Mr Pigu and I ordered 3 small dishes to share between the 2 of us.

We were both eyeing the pulled pork brioche burger so that was definitely in. The bun was so light, fluffy, and sweet – everything you would expect from a nicely baked brioche bun. The pulled pork was so tender and juicy – evident from the mess we made in the devouring process. The highlight of this dish was the sweet potato crisps – thin, crispy, sweet, and not disgustingly drenched with oil. I could eat a whole bowl of this by myself. 

Pulled pork bun, sauerkraut, chipotle, sweet potato crisps ($22)
Pulled pork bun, sauerkraut, chipotle, sweet potato crisps ($22)

I can’t go past ordering school prawns whenever it’s on the menu. I’m quite lazy when it comes to peeling prawns  so you can imagine why I love school prawns. These Clarence River school prawns from NSW were cooked perfectly for me – lightly battered, crispy, and still meaty even after being deep fried.

Mr Pigu is a big fan of croquettes so we added the beef cheek croquettes to our order. I’m quite the opposite, not a big fan of croquettes because the meat tends to be overcooked and dry. Surprisingly, the meat was not too dry and fell apart on first bite. The creamy mash that it was served on gave it some extra moisture and balanced out the saltiness from the croquettes.



I was well impressed with the food. I think I’m going to have to bring the whole gang down so we can get more dishes!

Word of advise – don’t be a fool like us and try and pick a sunny day to head down to Oakover. You won’t regret it! The inside of restaurant was freezing cold which made us scoff down our meal faster than we would have liked.
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