Propeller has been at the top of my list of places to try for quite some time. Everyone has been raving on about the pizzas!

Fatty, The Food Forager and I headed to Propeller with the intention  of having brunch (well, at least us girls did). Can you believe Fatty doesn’t like going out for brunch? We had to choose a restaurant that offered both breakfast options and main meal options to keep everyone happy.


I left the ordering entirely up to Fatty and The Food Forager as they have both visited Propeller before. We ended up ordering sharing 3 pizzas because nothing on the breakfast menu jumped out at us.

I wanted to order a specialty house made juice (the coconut dream sounded refreshing) but I couldn’t bring myself to pay the hefty price tag of $9 per serve.

The only thing  I was eyeing on the menu was the chicken pide. I may have been grinning stupidly when they ordered it. The perfect combination of generous toppings, soft and fluffy base, freshness from the herbs, and crunchiness from the almonds made this my favourite dish.

Chicken, paprika, olives, almonds & tahini yoghurt pide ($24)
Chicken, paprika, olives, almonds & tahini yoghurt pide ($24)

My next favourite was the buffalo mozzarella pizza. Sometimes, simplicity is the key to a good dish. I don’t like it when a pizza is over crowded with toppings and you can’t distinguish one flavour from another.

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato & Basil pizza ($18)
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato & Basil pizza ($18)

My least favourite was the eggplant pizza. Even with the extra jamon added to it something was missing. I’m not a fan of cheese made from sheep’s milk so the kefalograviera was a no go for me. Sorry, I don’t remember how much it costed us to add the extra jamon.

Eggplant, spinach, kefalograviera, egg & extra jamon pizza ($22)
Eggplant, spinach, kefalograviera, egg & extra jamon pizza ($22)


I think what makes Propeller pizzas stand up above the crowd are their pizza bases. It is deceivingly light and fluffy and I could have eaten the whole base if I wanted to (but I didn’t). I don’t usually eat the crust because it fills me up too fast (I don’t want to miss out on dessert!!!!). Can you believe Fatty asked me if he could eat the pile of leftover crust on my plate? I quickly covered it with a dirty napkin so he couldn’t pick at my rubbish. You should have seen the look of disappointment on his face…

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