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This hip “hole in the wall” cafe currently stands as my favourite cafe in Perth and all for good reasons. Scrolling through their Instagram feed will brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Everything on the menu (including the menu itself) is prepared fresh daily.

Make sure you get in early because this 18sqm micro cafe only has 6 tables and are all outdoors. If you are lucky enough (we got lucky) you can snag up a seat at their high top window seats inside the cafe. A great seat to people watch.


Everything on the menu sounded so fresh and delicious! I let Vanopoly order first so I could buy myself more time to decide.

Today's rainy Sunday menu
Today’s rainy Sunday menu

In the end, I asked the waitress for advice. I was stumped between the apple crumble and the muesli. Seems like the apple crumble has been a bigger hit amongst the staff and customers so I ordered that.  How pretty does it look?! It tasted as good as it looked – just like an apple crumble only healthier. Just think – Anzac cookies cross with an apple crumble with yogurt replacing the custard.

Baked apple crumble ($18)
Baked apple crumble ($18)

I usually would say no to drinks costing $7.50 a glass but with a name like “ginger zinger” how could I say no? This juice was so refreshing and really quenched my thirst but I could have done without the honey and a lot (and I mean a lot) more ginger. Can you tell that I REALLY LOVE GINGER?!

Ginger zinger juice ($7.50)
Ginger zinger juice ($7.50) Ginger, apple, wildflower honey & lemon

Vanopoly steered away from the sweets and ordered the herb smashed avocado with an extra side of eggs. Hmm…we both love avocado but there was something about the avocado that wasn’t quite right. It was brown in colour (possibly from the herbs) and it didn’t have the creamy texture avocado usually have.

Herb smashed avocado ($15)
Lemon and basil smashed avocado on Turkish bread ($15) and a pot of scrambled eggs ($5)


Why do I love F&F? I felt so happy sitting in this vibrant cafe even though it was such a gloomy day. I loved how every dish is so beautifully presented and topped with edible flowers. Every plate is like a gift! Best of all, you’ll walk away feeling light and energetic rather than groggy and sloth like.

The owners are super lovely and genuine people! They gave me guidance on where I could source fresh edible flowers for my cakes. My supplier kept running out of stock and these girls came to my rescue. Thank you!

Watch out F&F! I’ll be visiting on the regular šŸ˜‰ I already know what I’ll be ordering next time – the beautifully constructed french toast.
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