Samsons Paddock

After our boozey sake sampling night at Tsunami’s Supersake Festival, we ventured across the road to Samsons Paddock for a feed before driving home. In case you were wondering, we didn’t end up sampling 40 shots of sake in the end. It got a bit much! Here is some proof that we still had 2 wristbands full 😉


As we walked in, we were greeted by live music. The restaurant has a lovely homely warm ambiance to it. Perfect place to head to on a winter night.


Even though we just had quite a few drinks at Tsunami, I was really craving a nice warm mulled wine to warm me up. Willie ordered a glass of wine as well because I refuse to drink alone.IMG_0275I had studied the menu online before we headed to Samsons Paddock and I knew I NEEDED to order the beer battered fries with truffle oil and parmesan cheese. We both love fries! Willie is my go-to guy whenever I’m in need of a fries feed. No matter what time and place, he will go out with me to feed my fries addiction.

These fries were insanely crunchy! Loved the crunch paired with the shaved parmesan cheese. Too bad I couldn’t taste any of the truffle oil. Would have been really tasty if they actually added shaved truffle on top. Haha am I asking for too much?

Beer battered chips, truffle oil, parmesan cheese ($10)
Beer battered chips, truffle oil, parmesan cheese ($10)

Whenever pate or liver is on the menu, I have to order it. Luckily Willie is as adventurous with food (sometimes even more so) as me. The liver was cooked to “melt in your mouth” perfection. The slightly sweet onion jam complimented it very well. I skipped the bread and ricotta cheese as I didn’t want to waste stomach space on things I don’t really love eating.

Chicken livers, sage, onion jam, ricotta cheese, and crusty bread ($19)
Chicken livers, sage, onion jam, ricotta cheese, and crusty bread ($19)

Gnocchi is another “must” for me if its on the menu. I prefer mine pan fried but hey, I’ll take what I can get! This one was so soft and pillowy, it was like I was biting into little tiny clouds. The napoli sauce was tasty and not too over powering on the tomato taste. Perfect comfort food for a cold wintery night.

Potato gnocchi, napoli sauce, basil, and mozzarella ($23)
Potato gnocchi, napoli sauce, basil, and mozzarella ($23)

The final dish we ordered was the pork and chicken adodo. This was my least favourite dish. The homemade crepes were really tasty but for $32 I expected a bit more to the dish.

I have a rule – to never order poultry when I dine out cause its never spectacular and this confirmed my suspicions! We only ordered it because we needed one more main dish and this was the special of the day. I like to try things that is not ordinarily on the menu.

Pork & chicken abodo, fresh vegetable, lumpia crepe ($32)


Great winter warmer meal and first experience at Samsons Paddock. We were both full and tired from all the sake we consumed throughout the night so we couldn’t fit in any dessert. I want to come back and try the saffron panna cotta with hazelnut ganache and raspberry jelly. How good does that sound?

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