The Rice Noodle House

The Rice Noodle House is a hidden gem situated in the residential area of Riverton. It is just a short stroll from the Canning River. To be honest, I’ve never even realised it was there even though we’ve dined next door at Kahmon Japanese quite a few times.

The restaurant is very casual and simple. The signage is very faint – I guess that’s why it was easy for me to miss.



front counter

As a massive lover of hawker food – nasi lemak, laksa, chicken rice, oyster omelette, radish cake – I was really excited to try this place.

Everything on the menu is decently priced. Some side dishes are more expensive than the mains.

Menu 1

Menu 2


There has been a lot of rave about the nasi lemak here so naturally that is what I ordered. I made sure I ordered a different version to Ning Nong so we could try each others. We ordered one nasi lemak with fried chicken and one nasi lemak with curry chicken.

Both were delicious! The chilli was nice and spicy, the rice was fragrant with a good amount of coconut flavour, and both the peanuts and ikan bilis were nicely fried (I hate it when its too oily or overly fried). I preferred the curry chicken over the fried chicken because it had more flavour and I could drench my rice in the curry sauce. 

Fried chicken nasi lemak ($9.50)
Fried chicken nasi lemak ($9.50)
Curry chicken nasi lemak ($10.80)
Curry chicken nasi lemak ($10.80)
Curry chicken nasi lemak ($10.80)
Curry chicken nasi lemak ($10.80)


Do we ever stop at ordering just one dish each? Simply no! Ning Nong was just telling his colleague the other day that we always order enough to feed 4 people and he always has to finish it off cause he has wastage. Haha! So true! We always order too much.

Anyways, we ordered a dumpling soup to share. Hey, at least this was a side dish and not another main dish. If it was completely up to me, I would have ordered a serve of the Hainanese chicken rice. Maybe even one steamed and one fried. See, there I go again, nearly ordering enough to feed 4 people. I tried one dumpling and let Ning Nong finish the rest. It was just ok?

Dumpling soup - 5pcs ($9.50)
Dumpling soup – 5pcs ($9.50)


The nasi lemak at The Rice Noodle House tasted authentic and the prices are very reasonable. Probably one of the best you could find in Perth.

Maybe skip on the dumplings if you are to dine here. I didn’t like it much (or at all). But that could be because my mum makes the best homemade dumplings in the world. Big call – I know.

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