Short Order Burger Co.

In all seriousness, if you haven’t tried a burger (or two or three) from Short Order yet, you need to go NOW! Before my first ever Short Order experience, I thought to myself “hmm…how good can a burger really be? It’s just a burger!” but oh my…Short Order has changed my whole perspective on burgers forever. I’m not a big meat/carbs/pizza/pasta/dude-food kind of person. But man, I’ll eat a Short Order burger any day!

Situated in the back area of The Mantle, this bustling pop up burger bar will be sure to knock your socks off. The Mantle houses other popular pop up eateries such as Don Tapa, Stampede Gelato and Magna Pizza. If you go with an empty stomach (or greedy gut) you could probably knock 2-3 things off your food list in one night.


The night before The Perth Collective’s Sky High event, the boys decided they wanted to venture to Freo to try out Short Order. I unwillingly rejected the invitation because I was so busy preparing 200 individually packaged cookies for the event. Not wanting me to miss out (final week to grab the limited edition “Hella Good” Mac & Cheese Burger), the boys went all the way to Freo and brought back takeaway for me. What a wonderful surprise!

Although the burgers were cold by the time the boys brought it back, they were still HELLA GOOD!


In order of preference (be mindful, this was based on room temperature burgers):

  1. SOB Mushroom Burger $13 (vegetarian) with a beef patty added $4 (bye bye vegetarian burger)
  2. Double BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger $19
  3. Fiery SOB $14 (spicy version of the Short Order Burger)
  4. Hella Good Mac & Cheese Burger

Everyone else I’ve talked to about the Mac & Cheese burger have all really loved it. They were shocked when I told them it was my least favourite. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I ate it hot and fresh. Too bad it was a limited edition burger and I won’t get a chance to change my mind.


After discovering my new found love for burgers and being convinced that Short Order burgers are worth driving to Freo for, we rounded up a gang of 8 fatties and headed to The Mantle nice and early to ensure we could get a table.

@gchu88 creeping
The not-so-nice fries ($6)
Glorious burger partayyyy!
Double BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger ($19)



This was the best feast we’ve all had in ages! Most of us broke our Short Order virginity that night and it left us wanting more.

The burgers came out really quickly and we probably demolished them even quicker.

The only thing I could fault was the fries. It was incredibly salted and “limp” haha. I wouldn’t call them soggy fries…just not crispy and “limp”.

Oh, actually there was something else to fault. One of Hmaphotos’ burgers (yes one of his burgerS) was missing a patty. He didn’t realise it til he almost finished the burger so he ended up eating the patty on its own when he went back to the kitchen to claim it. Moral of the story – check your burger fillings before you eat it!


The very following week Hmaphotos, Miss Eat a Lot and I headed back to The Mantle for Stampede Gelato as our dessert after feasting on sushi from Modern Eatery.

Jokingly, Hmaphotos suggested that we should buy a Short Order Burger to share between the 3 of us as “dessert”. That statement was no longer a joke within 2 seconds of walking into The Mantle. Best idea ever!

Did we still get Stampede Gelato? We still committed to the reason we went to The Mantle in the first place and shared a scoop (soy sauce sesame) between all of us.

Wow, we kicked off 3 eateries in one night. True fat friends.

#14 for 14th day of the month! Winning order!
Where the magic happens
Double BBQ Bacon Cheese burger ($19)



If a place can change my view of burgers from being a “just ok” thing to the first thing that pops into my head when I want a damn good feed, then that place is hands down friken amazing! Seriously, I think about Short Order on a weekly basis now.

So what’s so good about it? The tasty combination of fluffy brioche buns, cooked to perfection premium beef patties, fat and juicy Portobello mushrooms (optional), house made SOB sauce, and a generous serve of smoked mozzarella cheese makes everything in the burgers to die for. Word of advice – one patty is not enough. You may not need another, you’ll want another.

At prices ranging from $13 to $19 for a burger, I would consider it cheap. I paid $12+ for a Maccas Create Your Taste burger and Short Order is on the other end of the burger scale. I shouldn’t even be rating them against each other.

Too bad Short Order is only open less than half the week from Thursdays to Sundays.




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