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With so many new places opening up in Perth, I find it hard to tick off oldies on my list before I try the newbies. I seriously have to up my game! I’m pretty flexible when it comes to restaurant or cafe choices. If someone suggests it, I’ll make an effort to make the date.

Leen the Foodie had just one wish before she took off on her USA travel adventures – to tick off Sugar & Nice off her list. If you are a dessert fanatic like me, Sugar & Nice would be so heavenly for you. The owner, Marnee, started baking sweet treats from home (Made by Marnee) years before she took the plunge and opened up Sugar & Nice. They recently just turned one! Congrats and happy belated birthday!

Shop front
Shop front

I was stoked when I heard Sugar & Nice will be extending their opening hours on Thursday and Friday to 9PM on both evenings. It is always so difficult for me to venture out to the Northern suburbs during the working week.

New opening hours. Yiipee!
New opening hours. Yiipee!







Jono and Leen both ordered a milkshake each but I stuck with a herbal tea. Large milky drinks full of sugar and ice cream is just not for me! I do love a good milkshake but a mouthful or two is usually enough to satisfy me.

The peanut butter milkshake was a stand out for all three of us. We loved the saltiness the peanut butter added to the otherwise very sweet drink. The chocolate one was just like any other chocolate milkshake I’ve had. Best thing about these milkshakes – they are made with Bannister Downs milk – only the best milk ever!

Peanut butter chocolate milkshake
Peanut butter milkshake & chocolate milkshake

For sweets, Leen ordered the fluffy Mr Drummonds crumpets with mascarpone cheese and raspberry donut jam. The mascarpone cheese balanced out the sweetness from the very well. Although delicious, I thought this was a bit steep priced at $9.

Mr Drummonds Crumpets - Mascarpone + raspberry donut jam ($9)
Mr Drummonds Crumpets – Mascarpone + raspberry donut jam ($9)

I ordered myself a midnight chocolate cupcake topped with salted caramel buttercream and clinkers. I’ve heard so many good things about Sugar & Nice’s midnight chocolate cakes so I had to try one for myself. The cupcake base was moist, soft and not overly sweet. The buttercream was just how I like it – light and fluffy like clouds! Swiss meringue buttercream is always the way to go. The clinkers and chocolate coated rice puffs added a nice crunchy texture to the velvety cupcakes. How pretty does it look?!

Midnight chocolate cupcake topped with salted caramel buttercream and clinkers ($5)
Midnight chocolate cupcake topped with salted caramel buttercream and clinkers ($5)

Jono being a typical boy didn’t want to try something adventurous and ordered a plain croissant. It was just ok? Just a normal croissant with minimal flakiness. I think my palette for pastries have been tainted by Chu Bakery. Chu Bakery pastries have changed my life and nothing else has ever come close (and maybe nothing ever will)!

Croissant ($5)
Croissant ($5)


I’m loving this new addition to the Perth dessert and cafe scene. Perth has been lacking dessert cafes for a really long time. And even until now, there hasn’t been anything awesome. Sherbet cafe in Maylands has been around for a while but I don’t fancy their sweets. They use American buttercream which I absolutely despise. Too sickly sweet for me! Marnee on the other hand uses my favourite type of buttercream on all her cakes – delicately smooth Swiss meringue buttercream.

Marnee also makes custom designed cakes for special occasions. You can follow her Instagram (@Sugar_and_nice) to see all her drool worthy creations.

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